Why it's worth to choose Hites InfoMedia?

We put lot of research in what we deliver you, We Strongly believe in Qualities Services.

Email Marketing Key Features

Inbox Delivery - Delivering in the inbox is hard. But it's the most important. We work with the best partners in the industry to help your important messages to be delivered in the inbox, and at the right time.

Design - You love your design and we respect that. The best way to reach out to customer is undoubtedly via email as it is flexible enough for your customers. Let us do this job for you, you can handle the leads you get, as to us you and your clients time is valuable.

  • Designed Templates
  • Spam Filter Optimized
  • Call-To-Action Buttons.
  • Timely Zone Based Release
  • Campaign Analysis Data
  • Whitelisting
  • Autoresponders
  • Social Buttons

Insights - Access clear metrics. Know who clicked where, when, and so much more.With the best information, you are always sending better messages.

Spam Free - To have good results you must send only to interested contacts. We help you achieve good results and don't let bad clients harm everybody.

Promotional Email packages with FREE Custom Designs

Check out Email Marketing Plans! Oh yes, ensuring email lands in ‘primary’ inbox is an art we have the experts for this.

Check who's Interested

See who clicked on a message and send focused messages specially to the most interest people.

Clear Metrics

Don't be scared of your metrics. Our reports makes it all easy on the eyes. See it, got it.

Know When & Where

Get real time information in real time of where and when your messages are being opened.

We only need Content

You won’t even believe how awesome creative designs we create for you. Seriously, try it.
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