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1How can I get the offer?
One is that you have to be Woman ;)

Secondly you just have to buy your pack After buying just email us any supporting document that your are a woman at sales@hitesinfomedia.com along with the payment Transaction ID you get after making payment.
2What if I already have a domain name or hosting?
If you have the domain name and hosting, you can buy any packages and just get started, in case you don't have a domain name don't worry it comes with the package and yes Its your website and you deserve to get a name of your choice. Kindly remember if you share FTP's with us but not direct hosting we will not be able to provide you security except our own installation, As our servers are secured and scanned everyday.
3What if I have a running website, just need an upgrade?
We would love to upgrade your website! All you have to do is drop us an email at sales@hitesinfomedia.com and share the domain name, contact details and details of the updates you want and our support team will reach out to help you.

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